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Most people who decide to accept addiction rehab look to an outpatient rehab center to begin the treatment that will set them free. Outpatient rehab offers only minimal contact with addiction specialists or therapists, and there is little provided by way of social support or medical supervision; it is preferred because it costs less, and it doesn't require the addict to spend much time on treatment. At our inpatient rehab in The Woodlands, however, we help our clients see things differently. We help them see that lower costs and lower demands on the patient's time are a sign of dearth of treatment, not efficient treatment.

Escaping an addiction is likely to be the hardest challenge that most people will ever experience in their lives. Looking for the easiest, least demanding way out isn't likely to work. It's important to look for a treatment approach that requires intensive, full-time engagement, and offers the greatest possible involvement of addiction specialists.

If this makes sense to you, it's inpatient rehab that you should turn to for help to escape an addiction.

Why is Inpatient Rehab in The Woodlands Better?

Inpatient rehab works better for several intuitively appealing reasons.

There is time to do the right thing: To truly make a difference, addiction rehab needs to be a treatment course that is custom devised for each patient. Whether the addict suffers from concurrent mental health disorders, health challenges or other special circumstances, a drug rehab program needs to evaluate the patient's needs and devise a program likely to work for him or her. Personalized treatment programs in The Woodlands are usually exclusive to inpatient rehab.

Complications are better addressed: The majority of addicts struggle with a number of challenges that make it hard for them to accept treatment. Ambivalence is a very common affliction. Most of the work to be done in rehab is psychological, rather than medical. It requires active, motivated participation by the patient. It can take serious, full-time therapeutic work by in-house therapists to build the level of motivation necessary to ensure ongoing participation. Co-morbid mental disorders are a similar challenge. Patients who suffer from a mental disorder alongside of an addiction can require immense amounts of support and therapy. An inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center alone is capable of such care.

Drug withdrawal treatment in The Woodlands is better care. Addicts tend to live with a low threshold for pain and suffering. The desire to escape the problems of life is often the reason they take to substance abuse. The very prospect of a painful detoxification process tends to discourage addicts from considering quitting. For addicts who fear the pain of withdrawal, inpatient rehab is the likeliest to offer reassurance. With addiction specialists standing by at all times, pain is quickly taken care of. The promise of inpatient rehab for addiction helps bring out greater enthusiasm.

There is far more therapy available: From the moment an addict checks into inpatient rehab, individual therapy and group therapy take up most of their time, both in detox and afterwards. Therapy of such intensity helps immensely in ensuring long-term engagement with rehab and boosts the likelihood of long-term sobriety.

Transition: Once an addict successfully completes both detoxification and relapse prevention therapy on inpatient basis, he or she is finally able to check out and re-enter their life. In inpatient care, the patient has step down programs or transition programs. The halfway house, sober living house, three-quarters house and other arrangements help the addict explore independence while retaining access to therapy at all times. Well-designed transition approach is only available in inpatient care.

Finding the Right Inpatient Care

Most people have heard of the luxury addiction inpatient rehab centers that celebrities check into from time to time. It's important to remember that when you consider patient care, luxury doesn't necessarily imply quality. Many big-name luxury rehabs, while they do offer inpatient care, struggle with the medical side of things.

They offer treatment that doesn't closely follow scientific principles. Before you look for a treatment center, it's important that you do your research. If you'd like to speak to one of our experts for guidance at our inpatient rehab in The Woodlands, we're always happy to hear from you. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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