Drug Intervention in The Woodlands, TX

With addiction and drug intervention in The Woodlands, we've often seen it happen in families. You know that a loved one has a problem with substance abuse and you believe that they may be addicted. They need help, and you don't know how to bring it to them. You've tried talking to them, but they simply won't listen.

Addiction can make a person seem uncooperative and contrary; they can simply not accept the obvious: that their habit is ruining their life. If you've considered the possibility of a drug intervention, you do have the right idea. But it's possible that you are uncomfortable at the thought of going ahead with it because the idea of getting everyone together to gang up on your loved one seems unfair.

It's important to understand, however, that a drug intervention isn't an ambush, at all. When done correctly, it's an opportunity for everyone in the family to express their worries to the addict, and help them enter inpatient rehab in The Woodlands.

What Is An Intervention?

An intervention is designed to be an ambush to deliver regular love, tough love and an education to the addict. An addiction is when loved ones come together to show the addict that they care enough to arrange an intervention, and make clear that their love doesn't make it possible for them to stand by as the addiction continues. If the addict continues with their substance abuse, you take a clear stand that you will not enable it anymore, that you will withdraw support.

In practice, interventions often don't go as planned. Manipulative arguments are a serious challenge. Addicts can present very persuasive arguments that are difficult to answer. They may turn your argument back on you by claiming that you've been irresponsible too, or did drugs yourself. It takes great preparation to not be fazed by these surprise attacks. You need to have defenses ready, and ways to get the conversation back on track.

Other Challenges Involved

When a drug addiction intervention goes wrong, it's usually for one of these reasons.

The intervention is too late: Many people hold on to the belief that interventions only work when the addict has hit rock bottom and lost everything. While addicts certainly may be more receptive at such a time, it doesn't make sense to wait for it. Not only should the idea be to save the addict before he does too much damage to his life, it should also be to catch the addiction before it becomes too entrenched. Entrenched addictions are harder to treat.

The participants don't know what addiction is: Science calls addiction a mental disorder. Most people attempting to conduct interventions, however, see addictions as a moral flaw. Launching into drug intervention for addiction with family members who believe that an addiction is the addict's fault can be very counterproductive.

The participants aren't prepared: A misunderstanding of the primary nature of addiction is only one way in which a lack of preparedness can hurt an intervention. Often, other kinds of poor preparation hurt even more. Not knowing how to answer an argument by the addict is one of them. Not having access to correct scientific information on hand about the dangers addiction is another.

Going In With An Interventionist

An interventionist is a professional who has training in organizing, arranging and conducting interventions for others. Having an interventionist on board can solve all kinds of problems to do with treatment programs in The Woodlands. Indeed, the chance of a positive outcome can double when an interventionist comes on board. It's important to choose the right interventionist, however. With our drug intervention in The Woodlands, we tell our clients to look for the following qualities: experience, an approach that is a good personality fit for their family, and a license by the Association of Intervention Specialists.

It is also important to speak with an interventionist before making up your mind. Things can become apparent during the conversation that aren't clear on paper. If you believe that an intervention is right for your loved one, you should go ahead, but make sure that you begin the process well-prepared. Talk to us about how to stage a drug intervention in The Woodlands. We will be sure to help you if you call us (877) 804-1531.

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